If you’re a single eligible man living in Toronto, you may often wonder where you can meetthe right kind of women for you.  As a dating strategist, I can share some options including dance and yoga classes, cafes, dog parks, and meet-ups to name a few.  However, once in a while an epic opportunity presents itself to jumpstart your love life, and I’m going to give you the 411 - The TIFF Bachelor Party on Friday, September 5th. I’ll give you three reasons why you want to be there.  


The first, and most obvious reason, is there are going to be a whole lot of single women at this event. At first thought, It may seem counter intuitive to attend an event centered around the hit show The Bachelor,” in which 25 bachelorettes compete to capture the attention and heart of ONE highly eligible bachelor. But, in fact, this is exactly why you want to attend - there will be way more women than guys. If dating, is in part, a numbers game, and I believe it is, then your odds will be highly in your favour this one evening. 


Given that the premise of the reality show is that the bachelorettes are hoping to find love, that is the exact same tone the event will create for you. It’s a rare, and coveted experience to be a place where the majority of women are in an emotional state in which their “green lights” are on, and they are open and more receptive to striking up conversation that may leads to all sorts of possibilities.  


The event is being put on by Eligible Magazine, a Toronto based lifestyle magazine that has a following of highly eligible urban men and women, and it is being hosted at Flirty Girl Fitness. If you put two and two together, you’ll figure out that the majority of the women attending this event will stem from these networks, attracting a high calibre of single women for you to mix and mingle with.  

In short, the TIFF Bachelor Party will be the place for Toronto bachelors to be.  Gary. T. Wilson, Founder and President of Eligible Magazine says, “It’s all about R.O.I. for men... single men would be out of their minds not to come.”  So come dressed the part, as the eligible bachelor you are, and let the event do the work.  



Natalia Juarez

Lovistics, Toronto, Canada

The Breakup Coach