Breakup Articles

Some of my favourite articles that I regularly refer to my clients. 



Why Lying Broken on Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea, by Julie JC Peters

I read this article in 2011, and I have loved it ever since. Peters invokes the power of the goddess Akhilandeshvari, who's name directly translates to the "Never Not Broken Goddess" or the "Always Broken Goddess." This goddess derives her strength from her "brokenness."


The Best Way to Recovery From a Breakup - According to Science, by George Dvorsky

This is a good article that shares 4 concepts about breaking, as well as 14 tips on moving on. 


CONSCIOUS UNCOUPLING, by Dr. Habib Sadeghi & Dr. Sherry Sami

This article is very well written and insightful. The concept of conscious uncoupling was popularized by Gwyneth Paltrow's high-profile divorce, but it's been around since the 1970s. This is a great intro